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Kimberly Mohns Roberts is on a Mission to Raise

Self-Esteem and Suicide Awareness. 

Roberts' has invested in the first small batch printing of Just Perfect. With an overwhelmingly positive response, she believes in the impact of her book and message.  This is why she is turning to Kickstarter to help raise funds. Along with her family, Kimberly would like to make Just Perfect available to more children. This will not only pay for printing and the amazing graphic design work, but to also market and distribute nationwide... and maybe beyond!  

$10,000 Goal:

  • Invest in Marketing & PR: digital media and overall brand awareness

  • Printing hardcover copies of Just Perfect and coloring book

  • Pay Graphic Designer, who has assisted not only with this book but also marketing materials

  • Cover costs associated with bookstore shelf space

  • Pay for videographer for this Kickstarter

  • Copyrights and trademarks

  • Shipping

  • Kickstarter fees 5-10%

If fortunate enough to surpass the funding goal, Kimberly will use the funds to print her next book, Just Super and also fund public speaking opportunities. Sharing her survival and success is an opportunity to raise self-esteem and awareness to an older audience.

Kimberly is also committed to sharing her sales with charity, including Girls on the Run and American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Know the Numbers

children ages 13-18 have,

or will have a serious mental





leading cause of death in

youth ages 10 - 24.1 is suicide.*

1 in 5




suicides per day,

on average.***

of girls with low self-esteem

reported engaging in negative

activities like cutting, bullying, smoking, drinking, or disordered eating. **

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