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This ballerina and her mother have a life lesson to share.
All too frequently girls look at themselves in the mirror and see hippo bellies or flamingo legs. The loving mother reminds her daughter that her body is perfect just the way it is.
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"Just Perfect is a versatile addition to my teaching library. It's the perfect tool to support language and emotional development while serving my diverse population. I can utilize it to teach basic vocabulary for my kindergarten students and teach complex sentence structure to my fifth graders in one fell swoop! The important lesson about self-image is an added bonus!"
-Gabriela A. Gonçalves MA, CCC-BSLP

"Learning to say I am 'just perfect' comes from a place of acceptance.  This acceptance is not always an easy process.  Every girl is going to face criticism, which is why teaching the lesson of acceptance early on is so important.  Every physical feature is perfect because it makes up who the person is and who they are meant to be.  If we can teach little girls to accept their bodies at an early age we can eliminate a lot of heartache. Just Perfect is a lesson and a way for mother's to teach their little girls about accepting their bodies and standing proud for who they are."

-Kari Lynn Costello, LCSW   Sound Mind Counseling

"This sweet and beautiful story of a mama who has the perfect responses to her daughter when she worries about the way she looks. As a teach I have known many little girls that worries that they were not perfect. I wish I could have read this book to all of them so they would have learned that they are all perfect for being themselves." 

-Hilda, Retired Elementary School Teacher, 38 years 

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