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Kimberly Mohns Roberts is available for presentations, book fairs, wellness events
and more!


Her passion to inspire is limitless!

She has led programs for schools, community groups and educational

Presentations can be catered to any age group,

ranging from 3 up to adults. Book signings can be

added to the event if requested in advance. 


Mrs. Roberts enjoys speaking to small and large groups, alike. For small groups, she does more hands-on presentation, creating a dialogue. For larger groups, she uses PowerPoint, but keeps each presentation flexible and rarely telling the same stories to every group.

                                                          Mrs. Roberts will change discussions according to the                                                                  age group, the interest level, and the degree of                                                                              involvement.When she is at your location, her time is                                                                    yours, but her favorite topics include: body image,                                                                        mental  health, anti-bullying, suicide awareness,                                                                            life/career journey.

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